Lilian Thuram Explains Why PSG Is One of the Big Clubs in European Football

Since being purchased by Qatar Sports Investment in 2011, Paris Saint-Germain has become a significant player in European football. So they’re trying to shake up the old guard and let them know that they’re here to battle with them for the best players in the world. 

However, there’s one thing that PSG lacks in their trophy cabinet for clubs like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, etc., to take them seriously, a UEFA Champions League. 

Nonetheless, former France international Lilian Thuram believes that holding the lack of Champions League or 100+ year history shouldn’t be held against the capital club. 

In an interview with Marca, Thuram states PSG can’t grow in years like a Real Madrid, whose 119 years old. The Ligue 1 side recently celebrated 50 years, and they have plenty of titles despite the lack of age, except for the Champions League. 

“That PSG lacks titles. It lacks the Champions League. It has won many titles. The sad thing is that the winner is always recorded, and if not, you didn’t do anything. But it’s not my reality. People have to be reminded of reality and stop telling lies,” Thuram said. 

“The final two years ago was played by PSG, so it’s been there for two years. City eliminated them in the past… They don’t have the same history as Madrid or Bayern, and you can’t ask PSG to grow quickly. For me, that’s unfair, and it’s clear that they’ve been to the semi-final and the final, soon the title will come.”

PSG has been knocking on the door of winning the Champions League. They were in the final against FC Bayern Munich in 2020 but lost and fell to Manchester City in the semi-finals last year. 

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