French Press Provides Latest on the Future of Kylian Mbappé With PSG

Despite Kylian Mbappé playing the hero for Paris Saint-Germain to give the capital club the 1-0 first-leg win over Real Madrid, the conversation reverts to the contract status of the 23-year-old. 

It seems as though not many can enjoy the result without reverting to what will happen in a couple of months when his contract expires. French media outlet Le Parisien (via Paris Fans) provided the latest on the future of the France international.

PSG seems to believe that nothing is lost regarding the Mbappé extension. However, the more the days pass, the more the chances of him remaining begin to dwindle. 

Nevertheless, the capital club tries somehow to convince him that his future lies in France. Furthermore, the report states that Mbappé has already declined two contract offers and an annual net salary of €45-million. 

The French giants are also ready to pay a substantial signing bonus to the forward, who, for his part, would only be prepared to extend on a short-term contract (a season or two maximum).

But money isn’t the sole factor driving Mbappé, considering he wants a project that revolves around him and allows the 23-year-old to score more goals, which he reportedly believes can be done in La Liga, a league known to push for its offensive football.

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