Are PSG Capable of Beating an English Team or Bayern to Win the UCL, Let Alone Real Madrid?

The UEFA Champions League Final is getting ever closer every day. It kicks off on May 28, meaning European heavyweights know they’re at the business end of the competition, with only months to get their act in gear to reach it and be ready to win it.

And as it approaches, a lot of eyes are on Paris Saint-Germain to perform and reach the final, despite the swathes of English teams against them. And some aren’t sure they can pull it off.

They have a lot more competition than the English teams, with clubs from all around the continent stepping forward with their best talent, but the English teams are definitely considered their biggest obstacle to the Champions League title.

Will PSG make it past the English teams to the final? Read on for our speculation.

What’s Working Against Them?

English clubs are currently going through a good time of peak playing power. The Premier League is ongoing, with superior teams proving their worth. At the moment, Manchester City are leading the tables, swiftly followed by Liverpool FC, and Chelsea FC, all of which will be seen in the Champions League knockout rounds.

For one thing, Chelsea are the reigning champions looking to take back their title, and Liverpool are 6-time winners looking to overtake Milan as the club with the second most wins overall. There is a lot of incentive to win and a lot of evidence that they can.

Liverpool fans are known to create a raucous atmosphere for visiting teams in the Champions League, making it doubly difficult to beat them. Faithful reds get Liverpool tickets at SeatPick knowing they’ll be there to make a noise, to be intimidating, and give their team an extra boost to perform.

Both of these teams have players that are considered the best in the game. Mohamed Salah and Diogo Jota currently hold the places for top scorers in the Premier League, and Salah is even in negotiations to renew his contract, with a lot of teams looking to nab him. Meanwhile, Chelsea have Mason Mount, Romelu Lukaku, N’Golo Kante, and Jorginho in their ranks, all elite and world-class talents.

And then there’s PSG themselves. For one thing, their history doesn’t support them. They can’t say they have ever lifted the trophy. But there’s always hope.

Their best player is on shaky ground with the club, something that changes from day to day. What’s working against PSG most is player Kylian Mbappe’s ongoing threats to leave the team. He is the best rival for the likes of Liverpool’s Salah and their best chance of winning overall.

What’s Working For Them?

In terms of Mbappe, a lot. The PSG striker has been blocked in various attempts to transfer out of the team. Real Madrid has their eye on him, but ex-PSG player, Geremi has commented that isn’t likely this summer. Meanwhile, PSG are “growing more confident” in keeping hold of him, for reasons that haven’t been disclosed yet beyond “positive talks”.

Despite this, he continues to perform. While Pochettino continues to try to find the right balance – creating a secure system in which Neymar, Messi, and Mbappe can thrive – they keep winning games. Should a balance be struck, they will be formidable. However, PSG does seem like an experiment in how many stars don’t shoulder much defensive responsibility into a team. Is it a luxurious experiment that is better built for the FIFA video game series as opposed to winning the biggest club competition?

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