Video: ‘This Is Not Normal’ – Former PSG Player Rips Neymar for His Lifestyle

Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar Jr. is currently out of action due to an ankle injury. The 29-year-old should be returning by the end of this month, but despite his absence from the pitch, the criticism of the Brazil international doesn’t stop. 

During a segment on Rothen s’enflamme, former PSG midfielder Jérôme Rothen went after Neymar for his lifestyle and sporting director Leonardo for permitting this type of behavior, considering other top clubs in Europe it wouldn’t be allowed. 

How to accept that from such a player? (…) This is not normal because the image of PSG still suffers from it through the bulls**t of Neymar on social networks such as poker, parties, New Year’s,” Rothen said.

“You say you’re sporting director of one of the biggest clubs in Europe and you want to win the Champions League. In terms of resources, no problem. But let him compare, he who has returned from Italy in recent years. Go to Germany, go to England to see how it goes.”

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