Mauricio Pochettino Understands the Criticism He Faces Managing PSG

Paris Saint-Germain manager Mauricio Pochettino has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism this season, whether from the starting eleven he puts out on the pitch to the tactic executed during matches.

Pochettino spoke with PSG TV, where the Argentine tactician discussed the criticism he’s faced thus far in the season. However, the 49-year-old stated that there’s an understanding when remarks come from the supporters. 

“Football gets people talking and is important to a lot of people,” Pochettino said.

“I understand that the people who love PSG are people who have the ability to observe but who also have respect because there are professionals who try to do what is best for the team and for the club. I would say I accept it in a good way.”

The second half of this season will be a challenging one for Pochettino as they have their UEFA Champions League Round of 16 matchup against Real Madrid. The Argentine tactician has to get PSG to the final and win the competition. 

Pochettino got the capital club last year to the semi-finals, and he has gone to the final with Tottenham Hotspur. Nonetheless, he’ll have to do something he hasn’t done in his coaching career, and that’s win the Champions League if the former PSG defender wants to keep his job.

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