Liverpool Legend Claims That Lionel Messi Called Him a ‘Donkey’

Paris Saint-Germain forward Lionel Messi went allegedly went after Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher on a private message on Instagram. 

After the Sky Sports pundit criticized his summer move to the French capital, after explaining why he left the PSG forward out of his ideal starting XI, Messi messaged him calling Carragher a donkey. 

“[Messi’s] not happy with me at all,” Carragher said, per Liverpool Echo. “I had a little pop at Ronaldo early in the season; I didn’t think it was a great signing for United.”

“And I said the example of Messi; I didn’t think Messi was a great signing for PSG. It was on Monday Night Football, and I got a private message on Instagram. From the man himself, I will not be showing private messages, but he basically called me a donkey!”

Carragher went on to say that he’s hoping that Messi was watching their Friday night football coverage. The former Liverpool player stated that he still loves the player despite Messi calling him a donkey. 

“He watches Monday Night Football, so hopefully he’s watching Friday Night Football as well because Lionel, I absolutely love you,” Carragher said. “The greatest player of all time and compared to you, I was a donkey – I accept that – but you’re not getting in this team.”

“You haven’t played well enough, even if you did win the Copa America in the summer. It’s not enough to leave my man, Mohamed Salah, out.”

Messi had to leave FC Barcelona due to financial reasons. The La Liga club couldn’t fit the 34-year-old’s wages under the La Liga salary rules. As a result, he had to leave abruptly, leading to him signing with PSG.

The Argentine forward has slowly begun finding a rhythm with the Ligue 1 side after the transition period took longer than expected. PSG hopes that they get the Barcelona Messi in the second half of the season as they’ll need him for their UEFA Champions League run.

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