Lionel Messi, Luis Suárez Recount the Departure of Neymar From Barcelona in 2017

Neymar’s Netflix docuseries “Neymar: The Perfect Chaos” goes into the life of the Paris Saint-Germain star, and one of the storylines that it covers is the 29-year-old’s transfer to the French capital. 

Luis Suárez, Messi, and the Brazilian’s father, Neymar Da Silva, spoke about how the move transpired in the film. Neymar’s dad stated that the decision to leave FC Barcelona wasn’t his, more so his son, who wanted to get out of his comfort zone. 

“My son did not leave Barcelona by my will. He was in his comfort zone and wanted to get out of it. He had set a goal for himself. “I want to take that risk,” he told me. Neymar never wanted to be better than Messi; he was not for coming out of his shadow. Actually, Neymar adores Messi,” Da Silva said, per Marca

Suárez shared his thoughts, saying that in his opinion, it wasn’t a smart move to leave Barcelona for Les Parisiens in 2017. “I told him what I thought as a friend and that I didn’t agree,” Suárez said. 

Meanwhile, Messi stated that the Brazil international never noted his reason for departing the Spanish club. “I don’t know exactly what the reason for the change was, and he never told us either,” Messi said.

Depending on who anyone asks, there are plenty of mixed reviews on whether the decision was right for Neymar and his career. However, if PSG does win the UEFA Champions League during his tenure, then perhaps the move to the Ligue 1 side will be seen as a success. 

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