Video: ‘More Decisive’ – Former PSG Player Takes Stock in the First Few Months of Lionel Messi in Paris

Lionel Messi has hit the midway point of his first season with Paris Saint-Germain, and plenty of media members are giving their thoughts on the 34-year-old’s performance thus far in the French capital.

Former PSG midfielder and current RMC Sport pundit Jérôme Rothen took stock of the Argentinian’s first months in Paris during a segment on his show “Rothen s’enflamme.

“Yes, he has four complicated first months; after that, he didn’t play much either. In Ligue 1, it’s only 11 matches, so it’s almost half of the first-leg matches. Nevertheless, yes, there is a disappointment in Ligue 1 because we expected Messi to be much more decisive,” 

“But when your name is Lionel Messi, you expect better and especially in terms of goals in Ligue 1. You have to be patient, and it also shows that there is a time to adapt, even when your name is Leo Messi and that you are the best player in the world of football or even of all generations. However, the adaptation can be more or less complicated and long.”

It’s clear that PSG and supporters care more about the second half of the season and how Messi finishes. The Ligue 1 side has a UEFA Champions League Round of 16 matchup against Real Madrid and hope Messi can play a role in advancing past the Spanish giants. 

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