Navas Provides a Unique Take on Pochettino’s Tactics With PSG This Season

PSG manager Mauricio Pochettino has been creative with how he has rolled out his team so far this season. For one, the Argentine manager has not only lined up PSG in formations that bolster four defenders but also ones that feature a three-at-the-back setup.

For PSG goalkeeper Keylor Navas, he sees that his role has been vital to whichever formation that Pochettino has opted to feature the team in. More so, the Costa Rican goalkeeper believes that his positioning can be quite crucial when building up play, which he touched on to PSG’s official website.

“What the coach asks of us keepers above all is to always be switched on, especially so that we can cover the centre-backs because we play very high up the pitch,” Navas said. “We have to pay attention to our positioning so that we’re not too far from the play to be able to react. When there’s a long ball, we have to be able to come out quickly and clear it.

“In fact, you always have to be able to react because there are so many things that can happen. But what’s most important is to be focused and to make the right decisions.”

Navas has featured in several key matches in all competitions so far in the campaign, which include PSG’s UEFA Champions League home group stage fixture against RB Leipzig. Regardless of the stakes of the match or the formation that PSG is playing in, Pochettino sure can rely on Navas’ experience to help lead the team.

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