Marquinhos Details the One Key Area Where PSG Must Work to Improve On

In its final match of 2021, Paris Saint-Germain came away with a 1-1 draw result in the Ligue 1 away fixture against Lorient. PSG created key chances over the course of the match, but it also saw Lorient muster up key goal-scoring opportunities of its own as well.

PSG defender Marquinhos earned a start in the match, where he played in the entirety of the fixture and completed 89 passes. Overall, he sees that PSG faced a Lorient side that defended “well” but also believes that his side must do more when it comes to off-ball movements, which he touched on following the result (via L’Equipe).

“We had the ball, and we tried,” Marquinhos said. “The Lorientans waited behind. They waited for our mistakes to score. We have one player less at the end of the second period. But we managed to equalize. If we had succeeded in realizing our chances in the first half, we would have had the advantage. We also want the matches to materialize more easily. The teams are very motivated against PSG. Lorient defended well.

“Any team that plays against them like that is going to have a hard time too. We need to be more vigilant behind, to have more movement to create opportunities.”

It sure will be noteworthy to see whether PSG manager Mauricio Pochettino plans to implement any new tactics for his side following the winter break.

PSG has plenty of key matches upcoming over the opening two months of next year, which include the Ligue 1 away fixture against Olympique Lyonnais.

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