‘I See Leo Much Better’ – Leandro Paredes Comments on the Adaption of Lionel Messi to Paris, PSG Squad

Lionel Messi has been with Paris Saint-Germain for a few months now, and it remains a work in progress. The 34-year-old is adjusting to life in the French capital and on the squad. Nonetheless, there are encouraging signs, such as the two-goal performance against Club Brugge this past week.

In an interview with ESPN Argentina (via AS), midfielder Leandro Paredes spoke about what he sees from Messi’s transition to not only a new club but a different living environment. 

“We get along very well with Messi, Di María, Messi and I get together with the families. We are going to look for the kids at school together too,” Paredes said. 

“I see Leo much better; the first months are difficult, the change is complicated, today I see him better, with a lot of desire, I hope he continues like this. I think Messi needs to be in constant contact with the ball, be it with touches normal or changes of rhythm. If he feels in game, for us, everything is much easier.”

Furthermore, Messi had to adjust to a new squad while traveling back and forth between Paris and Argentina as he helped his national team qualify for the World Cup. As a result, that also played a role in the Argentine struggling to find his footing. 

However, now with Argentina qualified, it seems as though Messi is done with the remaining World Cup qualifying fixtures and can focus on PSG, which comes at a good time considering the UEFA Champions League knockout stage is right around the corner. 

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  1. Fans, let alone journalists, esp the local ones, are lucky that Messi picked PSG, he could have joined Guardiola for Manchester City, much easier for Messi to adapt.

    Messi comes in one package, performance, rebranding of the club, the ligue1, the city and the country, with additional €billions of business (sponsorship, endorsement and other added value to whatever related to Messi BRAND!)

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