Video: ‘Messi at PSG Is a Mistake’ – Former Paris SG Winger Believes Adding the Argentine Wasn’t a Good Idea

The football media in France continues to react to Paris Saint-Germain’s 2-1 loss against Manchester City. The defeat handed the Premier League side three points and allowed them to win Group A as the capital club will finish in second place. 

Plenty of comments regarding what went wrong for PSG continue to trickle out, and former Parisien winger Jérôme Rothen went to the extreme on his analysis during his “Rothen s’enflamme.” 

Rothen stated that perhaps pursuing Lionel Messi following his departure from FC Barcelona wasn’t the smartest of plans by the French giants. 

“I think so more and more that Messi at PSG is a mistake. When you take Lionel Messi, you expect a lot of things, individual achievements that have been hard to see since the start of the season. He improves his teammates. Then you have to stop telling me that he is still breaking in. You don’t have time! We are arriving in December,” Rothen said.

“There are not around the players to allow Lionel Messi to have a hold on the team. He sets up a false rhythm which does not correspond to the players who are around. The Parisian leaders did not realize that you have to have players who go in his direction, in his tempo, who allow him to shine.”

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