Video: ‘It Will Be Fine’ – Ángel Di María Discusses the Adaption Process for Lionel Messi With PSG

Paris Saint-Germain forward Ángel Di María appeared on Jérôme Rothen’s RMC Sport program “Rothen s’enflamme.” The 33-year-old spoke with the pundit on a variety of topics, including Lionel Messi. 

Messi is a few months into his tenure with the capital club, and he has shown flashes of his FC Barcelona self. However, the 34-year-old isn’t as impactful as he was with his former, considering the talent level of his teammates on the attack. 

The Spanish club leaned heavily on Messi, resulting in the plays going through him, but that’s not the case at PSG. 

“He’s well. His family is fine; he has found a home. It is normal for him to take time to acclimatize. He had his whole life in one place; it’s different for a player who moves all the time… But he’s very happy!” Di María said. 

“The adaptation is not easy because he arrives in a team which had its habits and which played against. He likes to have the ball. We have time, but in football, everything goes fast; things get critical quickly… But he feels good. It will be fine. We work for!”

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  1. Adaption is not Messi’s problem with PSG.
    Messi & Suarez started big man with Barca but not this bad. Not marking at all when the team is under intense pressure. When it is time for counter attack, those they will still slow than the game until the defense line of the opponent settles and take the ball away.
    Messi need more physical trainning and seriousness that match his success. I love him so much that I automatically change to PSG and pay huge subscription.

  2. People always talk about Messi adaptation but fail to realize that those he came and met in Paris have not been impressive as well. For example Neymar and to some extent kyllian. Football is a collective game but too much of stars in one attack isn’t always possible because everyone of them wants to bear the big names and they don’t want to defend the ball but only waits to receive the ball which isn’t good. Messi is still very much in good form but I just see the squad he find himself to be a problem

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