Video: ‘I Find It Very Surprising’ – French Football Pundit Critical of Lionel Messi for Playing Argentina’s World Cup Qualifying Fixtures

Lionel Messi appears ready to play for Argentina this FIFA window against Uruguay and Brazil. However, the decision to sit out two games with Paris Saint-Germain only to play for the national team has caused much controversy in France. 

Dominique Grimault is the latest to be critical of Messi for this surprising action during a segment on L’Équipe de Greg. However, Argentina manager Lionel Scaloni stated that the schedule is to blame. 

Nonetheless, with La Albiceleste all but qualified as it’s only a matter of when they hit the magic number to book their flight to Qatar, Grimault questions to need to call up Messi. 

“The question is, how can one be injured in a club and be available a few days later for the national team? I have the impression that PSG is preparing Messi for the national team. Obviously, PSG and Leonardo are worried,” Grimault said. 

“Me, I find it very surprising. How can you be forfeited with Paris and cross the Atlantic and play with Argentina? The Argentines will play against Uruguay and Brazil, but they are practically qualified with a big lead in their group. So, there is no express condition for Messi to play.

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