Video: ‘He Must Become the Captain of PSG’ – Pundit States Sergio Ramos Should Take Over the Captaincy Role

It appears that former Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos is on the verge of returning to the pitch to debut with Paris Saint-Germain. The 35-year-old’s arrival couldn’t come at a perfect time considering the form Presnel Kimpembe. 

However, French football pundit Jérôme Rothen stated on “Rothen s’enflamme,” Ramos shouldn’t be only taking over for the France international, but also the captaincy role from Marquinhos. 

“Sergio Ramos? Of course, he will become the real leader of PSG. And I will even go even further, he must become the captain of PSG,” Rothen said.

“I am convinced that his presence will reassure a Kimpembe who is in full doubt at the moment. He will also give less weight to Marquinhos. He has won everything; he has known everything.”

Marquinhos took over the captaincy role from Thiago Silva after the veteran defender departed for Chelsea FC in 2020. Nonetheless, it seems as though Rothen isn’t sold on the 27-year-old being a leader. 

“Marquinhos, he’s missing something. He is not the real leader of this team. I don’t want to minimize what Marquinhos has already done; he has already done so much for PSG. He has a real scream, but that’s not enough,” Rothen said. 

“He is not respected as he should be. The players don’t necessarily listen to him. There need to be relays for the coaches. The coach already carries enough responsibilities like that. I think Ramos could be the perfect relay for Pochettino.” 

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