‘They Don’t Sell Them’ – Florentino Pérez Confirms Offering PSG €200-Million for Kylian Mbappé

Over the summer, Real Madrid did their best in the final days of the summer transfer window to work out a deal with Paris Saint-Germain for Kylian Mbappé. 

There were various reports regarding how much Los Blancos were offering, but club chief Florentino Pérez revealed the sum they proposed to the French side during an interview with Marca

By Pérez’s remarks, he’s not used to a club turning down a triple-figure fee to land a player as PSG had no interest in selling the 22-year-old with only days left in the summer window. 

“We have to fulfill the contracts, and we try to bring in good players and the best. But you have to be willing to pay them. Now you give €200-million, and they don’t sell them to you,” Pérez said. 

“When they finish the contract, it’s better, but right now, there is a madness of clubs that They are from states, and they do not sell you to the players. I fight because management is what matters, not the money they give you from outside. The time will come when the first 30 clubs in Europe are owned by countries. That It is not the principle of the European Community.”

With the January window opening, there will be plenty of rumors running wild. Mbappé’s contract expires in June, so Real Madrid can begin talks over a pre-contract that kicks in next season or sit and wait, then sign him as soon as he becomes a free agent. 

Should PSG reach an extension with Mbappé, it will be interesting to see how Pérez reacts, considering this isn’t a position he’s not familiar with as Real Madrid usually gets a player whenever they want them. 

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