“Shake off the Messi Syndrome” – Ex-Barcelona Midfielder States Xavi Needs to Close the PSG Forward’s Era

FC Barcelona is entering a new era with Xavi Hernandez taking over the managerial role for the Spanish club. However, one of the first tasks is getting past the Lionel Messi spirit that continues to lure around the La Liga side. 

Former Barcelona midfielder Bernd Schuster spoke to Bild, stating that Hernandez needs to guide them in the post-Messi era and close that chapter, so it doesn’t hang over the club. 

“First of all, the club must shake off the Messi syndrome,” Schuster said. “They need to be very honest when it comes to analyzing what the current squad offers, unite the youngsters and veterans by getting them to play the same way, and give them a style of play which fits with their potential.”

“Even if it’s not what the fans want right now after getting used to seeing Tiki Taka at its best.”

Messi left this summer unexpectedly as Barcelona couldn’t fit the 34-year-old under the wage salary cap. As a result, the Argentine forward departed and signed with Paris Saint-Germain this summer. 

Barcelona has struggled without Messi as they currently find themselves ninth in La Liga, six points from a UEFA Champions League spot leading to the sacking of Ronald Koeman. 

Messi, like Barcelona, has struggled in Ligue 1. He’s yet to score his first goal in the league and has explained its physicality, which has played a role in his adjustment. It will be interesting to see if either can come out of this early slump. 

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