How Can PSG Fans Follow Games While in the USA?

Wherever you go, your team will always be in your heart. Your allegiance will outlast many of the personal relationships you keep, and it will be there as you transition through each stage of your life.

If you move throughout France or even to another part of Europe, you find it easy to follow Paris Saint-Germain. Ligue 1 and Champions League games are broadcast throughout the country and, thanks to the European Single Digital Market, watching PSG matches in Prague is as effortless as it is in Paris.

Ligue 1 has also agreed broadcast rights deals with television networks with just about every nation in continental Europe, from Albania to the United Kingdom. So no matter where you find yourself, watching PSG take on Olympique Lyonnais, AS Monaco, or Lille OSC will be a piece of cake.

Venturing outside of the continent is a little different though. The coverage of Ligue 1 and UEFA’s competitions is far more patchy. Most of Sub-Saharan Africa has been covered by Canal+ for many years, while much of the Asia-Pacific can watch PSG through local broadcasters like VTV Cab, Futbol TV, and Macau Cable TV.

Watching in America

However, things have been more of a struggle in the United States. For several years, access to Ligue 1 games in the USA has been patchy. The current rights holder is beIN Sports, a Qatari-owned broadcaster that pays the league $80 million a year to distribute French games into the world’s biggest economy.

In 2019, Didier Quillot, the CEO of Ligue de Football Professionnel in France commented that building a following in the US was a priority and that “we are not satisfied by the broadcast coverage” in the country. He added that he wanted Ligue 1 games to be distributed by a big network like Fox or ESPN.

Until that happens, PSG fans have two surefire ways to get access to beIN Sports in the USA. The streaming services Sling TV and Fubo TV both offer beIN and other sports networks with prices starting at $35 per month and will even let you watch multiple streams at the same time.

For UEFA Champions League games, things are a little easier as CBS and Univision currently hold these rights for English and Spanish languages respectively.

PSG Celebration

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Betting in America

Sports betting in America is much easier than it once was. While previously, you’d have to travel to Las Vegas or another Nevadan city to place a wager on a PSG match, you can now bet right from your phone.

Your options depend on the state you’re in, but nearly half of the country now has multiple sportsbooks offering their services to fans. In states like Arizona, the list of legal sports betting sites could eventually reach 40, though, at the moment, you have around half a dozen to choose from.

Not all sportsbooks offer markets on all international football leagues, but the majority cover the UEFA Champions League, so you’ll at least find some PSG games available to bet on.

If you also want odds for Ligue 1 games, then you’ll need to shop around a little, though it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Getting News in America

Being a PSG fan in the USA is much easier today than it was a couple of decades ago. You can be pretty confident that few US newspapers cover French football, and when they do, it’s only for major stories like when Lionel Messi signed for the club in August 2021.

Fortunately, you’re not reliant on domestic news outlets to get your Ligue 1 news. The internet grants you access to both English and French language outlets, where you’ll see all of the latest gossip, transfer rumors, injury updates, and other news about PSG, its players, and its rivals.

Social media also makes it easier to stay in touch with fellow fans, both nearby and around the world, so you’ll never feel like you’re far away from another PSG supporter.

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