Video: ‘The Supporters Thank Me’ – Amara Diané Discusses 2008 Goal That Saved PSG From Relegation

Paris Saint-Germain has turned itself into one of the top football clubs in Europe. However, 12 years ago, the capital club was close to heading to the second division of French football at the end of the 2007-08 season.

The Ligue 1 side needed to win over FC Sochaux-Montbéliard to remain in French football’s top flight. With seven minutes left in the match, Amara Diané would somehow sneak his shot through the goalkeeper’s legs as it slowly rolled past the goal line and into the net for the goal

In an interview with Farid Rouas, Diané discussed the goal. 

“You know, when people have you in their hearts, it’s nice. People talk to me a lot about the goal but what marks me the most is to see how the supporters have liked and adopted me so far,” Diané said.

“It goes straight to my heart, and sincerely I say thank you because, despite the complicated situation, they came and came to see us. (…) The supporters thank me for what I have done, but it’s up to me to say thank you because they have always been there, and it’s really something great.”

PSG would be sold to Qatar Sports Investment in 2011 and become a superpower in European football; however, if it weren’t for that goal that allows them to stay in Ligue 1, who knows where the capital club would be at today. 

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