Video: ‘It Starts to Exceed the Limits’ – Leonardo Lashes at the Unfair Criticism Aimed at PSG

Despite coming away with positive results, there’s been plenty of criticism aimed at Paris Saint-Germain for its style of considering that having an attack with Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr., and Kylian Mbappé should be dominating the opposition. 

Following the capital club’s 2-1 victory, PSG sporting director Leonardo appeared speaking with the media during a press conference. The Brazilian club chief commented whether the media and fanbase are harsh with their demands regarding their performance following the summer that they had to improve the squad. 

“You can say that we are not well, but it starts to exceed the limits there. To say that the coach does not understand anything about football, that he was born yesterday … That the great players that we took are zero. There are people who want to look good talking about PSG; it’s a personal promotion. We don’t play as we want,” Leonardo said.

“But we have ten wins, a draw, and a defeat. We’re ten points ahead. That we do not play as we want, OK. But we are on a path. We never lack effort. We know how to reverse scenarios. It is the fourth victory in the 90th minute. You can’t talk about Messi, Mbappé, Neymar, Verratti, the coach, Marquinhos, like that.”

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