‘More Flamboyant’ – French Football Pundit States He’s Disappointed With the Game of Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi has scored in back-to-back UEFA Champions League matches for Paris Saint-Germain. The 34-year-old got his first goal with the capital club against Manchester City. Then, Messi scored a brace versus RB Leipzig to help rescue PSG from a disastrous result. 

Messi continues to find his footing with the Ligue 1 side. However, he’s shown flashes of what he can do as he flashes moments of brilliance. Nonetheless, some French football pundits want more from the Argentine forward. 

During a segment on “L’Equipe de Greg (via Canal Supporters), former French footballer Olivier Rouyer stated that he’s disappointed with the lack of flair from Messi’s game thus far with PSG. 

“For me, Lionel Messi’s problem is a physical problem. We have the feeling that he is not at the point, at the top of his form,” Rouyer said. “Yes, I am disappointed. Of course, he is there to score a very important goal against City and again against Leipzig with a double, but I want something else to happen in the game.”

“I want the game to be more flamboyant, be clearer. [Messi] is already doing it, but not enough for my taste. I repeat I think he is not physically ready. […] I am still waiting for Lionel Messi to make me scream in front of my TV.”

Rouyer isn’t the only pundit to take a jab at Messi, as RMC Sport’s Daniel Riolo also criticized the forward for not doing much. Riolo stated that the former FC Barcelona star only contributes in spurts and can be invisible at times on the pitch. 

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  1. Lol, they want Messi to run round for 90 mins like a headless chicken so they can laud how hard he work as opposed to scoring 3 goals in 2 champions league games.

  2. Who is this guy? Does he wants to see Messi playing every position on the field or what exactly is his point?

  3. The problem there, is PSG players need to adapt on how Messi plays and how quick he is to pass the ball, Messi is a quickest decision maker in the ground,yes Mbappe has improved a lot in adaptive to Messi, but players as a whole need to adapt.

    1. Midfield and defense is the problem they need to learn how to pass the ball forward so the strickers can score

  4. Yes I do agree with you Mr writer but there’s something you are not noticing at PSG as whole , PSG is not yet a team yes there are good players but that doesn’t make them a good team unless they start playing as one , they have give the ball at each other , there’s a bit of individualism .

  5. Messi is a team player ..psg needs to stop playing in there haf they need to give the ball to there strickers to score..trouble captain and coach will allways make them weaker

  6. Midfield and defense is the problem they need to learn how to pass the ball forward so the strickers can score

  7. So this guy wants Messi to play every position in the game, maybe he thinks that messi is a machine ,he already 34years and doing greats things , so u want him to score 5 goals in one match

    1. This man just want himself to be noticed by giving nonsense comments on Messi.Because I never heard of this man. Ha ha ha.

  8. Relax, MESSI is about to do more
    I think the players should get to adapt on how Messi plays he’s ball Yes!
    Looking back at the previous days
    We see Dani Alves,Iniesta,Xavi and other players adapt on how Messi plays his ball
    Is just a matter of time and I hope there is more to come
    Trust me

  9. They should leave their job and jump on field! Perhaps it’s easy! You better be thanking your God you have GOAT.. playing in your farmer league!

  10. To say that Messi is not doing much shows you are not true to yourself. Do you want him run around the pitch for 90mins? No way!! That’s not Leo for you. What we need from Leo is result. I think so far so good.

  11. It is a new ground, and his adaptation with the team is still in progress, after all he has scored three goals in two champions league matches. Don’t worry, he is coming through.

  12. To start with, PSG does not have identical football culture. The only noticeable thing is weak defense running everywhere, individualsm. Leo is from a TEAM with a clear style of play. My friend must use Playstation at the moment, expect from Leo when the team is built and clearly plays football

  13. Psg still has a lot of work to do with regard to playing as a team, Messi is a team player and if they continue playing like they do now, they won’t see the value of the great Leo Messi

  14. The so called “Invisible Messi” doesn’t play like every other player, running aimlessly,,, again PSG haven’t adapted yet to Messi’s playing style,, once they do his magical through passes will make stars like Mbappe and Neymar untouchable not forgetting the goal poacher “Aguero”…..

  15. Hmm! Bed time stories…he’s doing please… Most PSG players are over pampered, they do as they like on the pitch killing the pace of the game at will without reprimand…the do unnecessary dribbles and runs instead of passing to the free man…taking difficult decisions instead of simple ones. It is Messi team mates that need to learn how to okay as a team

  16. Messi pass the ball and run like the wind to create spaces and he expect the ball back. If he run for nothing and other players give the ball in oposite direction is not messi fault. Please watch carefouly how Messy begin to play forward in argentinian team. They all know him and they all pass to him. The team should be arround him and for him like Argentina is. Than and only than Messi will delivre. He is the fucking Goat and Psg doen not know how to use him. Messi will win world cup with Argentina cause that is nr 1 goal for him. At psg he only train and keep in shape. Of course if Kun Aguero his best friend join Psg with DiMaria Neymar and Parades psg Psg will be unbeateble.

  17. Messi makes decision very fast he runs exactly with chances created, so, as a midfielder or a defender must be always up to date to pass the ball quickly for the chance created, so that the strikers can score more goals.

  18. What else these dudes want messi to do at his age smh, it’s funny how those who can’t do any better pass judgment without hesitation stuepzzz. From reading this article all I gather is some rich dudes talking sh*t they know nothing about

  19. Totally agree but messi is not machine…he does machine stuff but he is not machine….psg players ahould adapt to the GOAT’s magical mode…he passes the ball accurately and fast that they are unable to deliver as should….so mr writer…to the fact that you r cr7s fan and against Messi’s 7 accolade… respect him for our case…plz

  20. Mesai is the god of football….psg men are struggling to adapt to his game…fast should they for results…not messi to… respect him for our case plz…

  21. PSG also needs a brilliant coach,for starters was has this coach won?
    They will fire him very soon mark my words, and like someone said they need to play as a team otherwise they won’t see themselves winning the Champions League.

  22. Please stop talking thrash about lionel messi he is the goat and always will be the goat… Psg wouldnt folk out such large sum of money for someone who theyre not really sure of…. plz leave the goat alone…

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