Video: ‘I Didn’t Call Leo, but I Called Luis’ – Atlético Madrid Manager Diego Simeone Admits Wanting to Pursue Lionel Messi

When FC Barcelona had to part ways with Lionel Messi due to the Spanish side not being salary cap compliant, the Argentine forward had to find a new club to play for the 2021-22 season. In the end, the 34-year-old chose Paris Saint-Germain, and to a glance, it didn’t seem the capital club didn’t have much competition. 

However, in an interview with Olé, Atlético Madrid manager Diego Simeone confessed to having taken information from Luis Suarez to find out if Messi could join him with Los Colchoneros

“Let me tell you a detail. When it happened what happened in Barcelona, ​​we called Luis (Suarez), with all due respect. I didn’t call Leo, but I called Luis, and I asked him how he was, what he thought, if there was any possibility, that Messi could come to Atlético de Madrid. But it lasted three hours. Paris Saint-Germain, obviously, were obsessed with this signing,” Simeone said. 

“The truth is we didn’t have the opportunity to meet because he was still in Barcelona and we were still at Atlético de Madrid. Did this lead to anything? No, nothing, you see the plane go through the sky, and you say to yourself, here it is, well, that’s how it is.”

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