Video: ‘We Saw Leo Testing, Checking His Knee’ – Mauricio Pochettino Discusses Decision to Take Out Lionel Messi

Over the weekend, there here headlines regarding Paris Saint-Germain manager Mauricio Pochettino substituting Lionel Messi off the pitch in the match against Olympique Lyonnais. 

During his press conference ahead of the matchup against FC Metz, Pochettino explained his decision to take out Messi, which caught the 34-year-old off guard. Still, Pochettino states that he witnessed the 34-year-old grabbing his knee leading to him deciding to take Messi out. 

“The club has already communicated on his condition. The situation is clear. To explain the rest a little, we who are on the bench observe everything that happens during the match. We saw Leo testing, checking his knee, making certain gestures,” Pochettino said. 

“He did it again after a shot. We were very happy with his first half, his condition, his performance; the only thing he lacked was to score. He played 75 minutes, and as I explained before, from all the information we had, we made the decision to make a change. This is how it went.”

Messi will likely not feature in the match against Metz. PSG has a fixture this weekend against Montpellier Hérault SC and their UEFA Champions League matchup against Manchester City next week. 

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