Video: ‘These Kinds of Games Help’ – Mauricio Pochettino Discusses PSG’s Victory Over Manchester City

Many Paris Saint-Germain supporters had concerns over the squad heading into the UEFA Champions League matchday day fixture against Manchester City. Furthermore, manager Mauricio Pochettino didn’t provide confidence stating that the team remains under construction. 

Following PSG’s 2-0 victory over the Premier League side, the Argentine tactician spoke to the microphones of RMC Sport, where the first question he answered is over whether if he’s found his ideal starting 11. 

“I think the team’s performance has been very good. We were pretty good in all phases of the game. We were able to suffer in difficult times,” Pochettino said.  

“We were grouped together in front of our goal against a very good team from Manchester City. But we also knew how to play football and attack when needed. Teams are built over time, little by little, and these kinds of games help to do that.”

Finally, Pochettino discussed his squad’s defensive performance after putting up a clean sheet against one of the better teams in Europe. 

“I am happy with the collective performance. Of course, there are still things to improve,” Pochettino said. “It is still the start of the season. We are talking about a team that is still changing; the pieces are adjusting to each other for the future. We have to prepare all this, but for the future of the team, it’s good.”

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