Video: ‘It’s a Perfect Result’ – Former PSG Forward Jérôme Rothen Discusses the French Giant’s Victory Over Manchester City

A day removed following Paris Saint-Germain’s 2-0 victory over Manchester City in matchday two of the UEFA Champions League, the capital club’s performance remains a topic of discussion. 

Former PSG forward Jérôme Rothen spoke on his show, Rothen s’enflamme, about what he liked regarding the Ligue 1 side. Overall, the result was an excellent performance by Mauricio Pochettino’s squad, the pundit stated. 

Rothen also states that the midfield will play a significant role in the French giant’s aspirations of winning the competition this year. 

“It’s a perfect result, a great performance. Collectively, the players made efforts, sometimes even unusual for some. PSG has made a lot of effort to try to defend well. They have been effective. I find that PSG has suffered a lot, too much at times. Teams like City, there aren’t many in Europe. What I liked about this game is that the players were athletically level; they put in a lot of effort,” Rothen said.

“We saw a very solid midfielder. Winning the Champions League requires a strong midfielder. Verratti was very good. It’s so smart of Pochettino to have him in front of the defense. I think the middle three worked really well. I’m not a fan of Herrera, but we must admit that in this match, the three were exemplary. They can no longer let go of this base; now, they can only progress.”

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