Video: ‘I Really Wanted To’ – Lionel Messi Discusses Scoring His First Goal With PSG

Every football supporter was on pins and needles, awaiting Lionel Messi’s first goal with Paris Saint-Germain. The moment game Tuesday night at the Parce des Princes against Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League, giving the capital club a 2-0 lead over the Premier League side. 

Following the 2-0 victory over Manchester City, the Argentine forward spoke to Canal Plus to discuss his emotions scoring his first goal with the Ligue 1 side in such an important fixture. 

“Yes very clearly, we won against a great opponent. It was very important for us to win this match after the draw against Bruges. I’m very happy that we took it away and scored,” Messi said.

“I really wanted to. I haven’t been able to play recently, and only one game at Parc des Princes. It was only my second game here today. I am gradually adapting to my new team and my teammates. It’s very important to win and keep growing. We must continue.”

Messi then discussed his relationship with Neymar and Kylian Mbappé, considering the 22-year-old helped assist on the 34-year-old’s goal.

“Yes, clearly, the more we play together, the better it will be between us,” Messi said. “We must all progress together, raise our level of play. We played well today, but we must give our best and do it over time. We have to get results like that and keep them.”

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