‘Let’s Not Start the Controversy’ – Thierry Henry Comments on Mauricio Pochettino Subbing Out Lionel Messi

On Sunday, Paris Saint-Germain came away with a 2-1 victory over Olympique Lyonnais with a late goal from Mauro Icardi. However, Lionel Messi’s reaction to being substituted out was the primary storyline of this fixture. 

Messi came off at the 76th-minute mark, and it didn’t seem to sit well with the 34-year-old when Mauricio Pochettino decided to take out the Argentine forward. Plenty of supporters and pundits have weighed in on the matter, including Amazon Prime Sports pundit Thierry Henry. 

During Prime Video’s (via Canal Supporters) coverage, the former Arsenal man stated that he’s not surprised to see his former teammate give that reaction to being subbed out of a game. 

“Surprised by Messi’s reaction? Not really. It does not surprise me. Maybe he didn’t want to go out. We don’t know what they’re saying to each other,” Henry said.

“Let’s not start the controversy. He surely wanted to stay on the pitch so he could score. But it will come, it will come quietly. (…) It takes time to adapt… even for the best player in the world!”

PSG will need to put this matter behind them. They have an in-week fixture against FC Metz on Wednesday followed by Saturday’s game against Montpellier Hérault SC to prepare for its UEFA Champions League matchup against Manchester City next Tuesday. 

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  1. Quite unusual, Ronaldo has already Pic-up putting side adaptation while Messi is yet to adapt, or is the Gapper not patient enough? Messi is a world class player who doesn’t need to adapt, you can see Ronaldo doing good already. I think it is the coach that is not given him the time. The mgt. Should intervene before they lose him (Messi)

    1. My brother Messi needs to adapt to another playing style….this not about criticism, its about getting used to a more direct style of playing which is more of 80% than the tikitaka that he is used to.Messi had played under some sets of coach with Barca philosophy while Ronaldo had olayed under different coaches with different ideologies..So he will need to understand his coach ideology and he should not take it too personal.

    2. Messi never played in another league in his entire club football career. Ronaldo had been everywhere and with a second stint in the PL, it is not surprising he’s settled down pretty well.

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