Le Parisien Breaks Down How Much PSG Earns From Kit Sales

When Paris Saint-Germain signed Lionel Messi, one of the claims that went around was stating that the capital club would earn what they’re spending on the 34-year-old through kit sales. 

However, the earnings linked to these products are only marginal and far from bail out the funds to the point that clubs often allege after heavy investments. 

According to Le Parisien (via Culture PSG), the capital only receives 20-percent on a kit sale worth €140, or about €30 (€28 if there’s a stick to the strict percentage).

If PSG wanted to offset the financial efforts made to land Messi, the Ligue 1 side would have to sell several million jerseys, which promises to be more than complex. 

The French media outlet divides a sale into six parts is to say the selling store (€40), another to the equipment manufacturer, in the Nike / Jordan occurrence (€30), and taxes (€30). 

Finally, there are also low manufacturing costs (€6) and transport (€4). Therefore, the €30 left is the most Les Parisiens can collect in the end, or even more in some cases. PSG won’t notice Messi’s arrival from a financial perspective in kit sales, but more so in marketing and new sponsorships.

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