Video: RMC Sport Pundit Insists Super League Only Way to Stop PSG and Man City From Smashing the Competition

Paris Saint-Germain has made shrewd transfer moves this summer, cornering the free transfer market. In the past, people applauded clubs bringing in quality players and only needing to pay wages with no transfer fees. However, when it’s the capital club, the tone has changed. 

On After Foot RMC, French football pundit Daniel Riolo spoke about the financial side of football and stated that the revenue that a European Super League would bring in would stop Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain from dominating the competition. 

There’s a thread done by a Twitter user that debunks the notion that PSG is “ruining” football with their spending.  

“I’m not saying I’m for or against, but the only way to prevent PSG and Manchester City from crushing the competition on the financial side is the Super League,” Riolo said.

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