Video: Peru National Team Manager Gareca Shares a Surprising Take on Lionel Messi’s Barcelona Departure

Lionel Messi’s departure from Barcelona has continued to shock the footballing world.

Many remain displeased that Messi wound up leaving the Catalan giants for Paris Saint-Germain, including Peru national team manager Ricardo Gareca.

During a recent press conference, the Argentine was asked whether Messi’s move away from Barca is similar to his once-controversial move as a player when he left Boca Juniors for longtime rival River Plate.

“[Lionel] Messi did not leave Barcelona for Real Madrid,” Gareca said. “What happened with me is much more reprehensible than what happened with Barcelona and PSG. It seems to me that the comparison has nothing to do with it.

“If you ask me if I liked it, I don’t particularly. But I respect Messi. I like him as a player.

“I think he is the best in the world. I didn’t like that Barcelona let him go or that he left. I would have liked him to finish his career at Barcelona. These are very personal appreciations. It’s not a criticism.”

Messi is slated to soon make his debut with PSG.

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  1. He’s no doubt, a football genius, and thank GOD he was, in my generation, these made me, name my only son after his, THIAGO, it’s hurts, to see messi in a PSG shirt, LEO, it’ HARD to say ‘GOODBYE’.

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