Sevilla Star Alejandro Gomez Details What Makes Messi an ‘Absolute Leader’

Argentine and Sevilla star Alejandro Gomez lauded Lionel Messi’s leadership with the Argentine national team.

Messi has often garnered stark criticism for not being an outspoken leader. The Argentine is not one to constantly critique or lash out at his teammates on the pitch.

As Gomez has seen just how Messi is behind the scenes, he does not agree with the notion that Messi is not a leader amongst his peers, which the Argentine midfielder spoke further about to the Argentine-based outlet La Nacion.

“Leo [Messi] is the most normal and simple of us all,” Gomez said. “It’s logical that people on the outside are curious, but I can assure you that he’s the most ordinary guy and the most ordinary teammate there is, he’s just like anyone else. Sure, but he carries the surname Messi and many will think he behaves differently.

“Now, mind you, he’s an absolute leader, he’s a captain in every sense of the word. Because he shows it because he leads by example. They always want to compare him to Diego [Maradona], they want him to shout and fight, and Leo is not like that. But if he has to do it behind closed doors, he does it. What happens is that Leo is never going to bring it out in the open and he’s not going to sell smoke.

“When he has to get angry and tell you something, he tells you within four walls. He’s at a different age, and a very nice one, of total maturity, and perhaps knowing that these are his last years, he’s a more open Leo, who interacts a lot more with everyone. And that maturity is enjoyed by the younger ones, and by all of us.”

Many of Messi’s current and former teammates can certainly attest to Gomez’s comments on Messi being a modest leader.

In his upcoming run with Paris Saint-Germain, Messi will be playing with multiple vocal leaders on the pitch, from current team captain Marquinhos to longtime Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos. Still, his PSG teammates will certainly be attentive to every critique or advice that Messi hands out while with the team.

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