Report: PSG Has a Change of Plans in the Mbappe Transfer Saga Amid Real Madrid Links

Paris Saint-Germain may be headed towards a complicated transfer saga over the final days of the ongoing summer transfer window.

Real Madrid has made a late push to sign Kylian Mbappe on a permanent transfer deal. One recent report noted that the La Liga side made a €160 million offer to PSG for the forward, but the French powerhouse declined the deal.

PSG sporting director Leonardo confirmed that he sees Mbappe well wants to leave the club, but he has not made a final declaration on whether to sell the forward.

Now, as noted by France Bleu, PSG club officials would consider parting ways with Mbappe if the club receives an offer of at least €200 million for him.

This would be notable as Mbappe has a mere one season remaining on his current contract deal with PSG.

It is currently not known whether Real Madrid would even consider adding another €40 million to its initial offer for the forward.

This transfer saga may drag on until the final day of the transfer window.

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  1. This is ridiculous totally inconsideration by PSG president khelaifi and pure unprofessional by florentino perez los blancos president cos regarding to the article i previosly read it appeal that PSG never expected the illarious huge amount table by perez for mbape that’s purely unprofessional that trigger PSG president increase the asking price to €200 million i don’t understand why perez is been too rush on this deal beside mbape as made it clear that he’s not willing to renew his contract and playing for los blancos was his dream then, why the rush? by perez he can get him for free starting from january 2022 and use the present found in hand for erling harlaad in the 2022 transfer window perez need to lean how to be patient cos he was inpatient on hazard that cost madrid a lost now. Hala madrid

    1. I understand the angle you coming from but mbappe worth taking a risk for, mbappe should not be allowed to play alongside Messi and Neymar, if he enjoys it, he may change his mind to stay,

  2. That’s plorentino Perez in world of football that ridiculous it’s too much for a single player which has a one year left in his contract

  3. Perez must go for Mbappe now a lot of things can happen between now and next year. We are looking at the champions league just as PSG and other teams. Other teams have boosted their fire power. Perez must go for Mbappe now please.

  4. Real Madrid must pay the 200 million wanted by PSG Mpappe was bought for 180million the player will work even harder knowing the club paid 180 or 200 million for his services.

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