Report: European Rivals Have Outspent PSG Over the Past Three Years

Since Paris Saint-Germain landed Lionel Messi last week, much of the talk has been about how the capital club is what’s wrong with the sport or that PSG is what’s killing football. 

Many in the past applauded free transfers as smart business moves since transactions involved no outbound fees. As soon as the Ligue 1 side cornered the free transfer market this summer, many went after the club for its reckless spending to improve its squad. 

However, Twitter account user Swiss Ramble provided an interesting thread, diving into the finances of Les Parisiens. One of the marquee tweets that stood out was in regards to their spending. Contrary to what many will believe, PSG has not spent as much in the transfer market over the past three years as European rivals. 

According to the information, clubs such as FC Barcelona (€960-million), Juventus (€801-million), and Chelsea FC (€758-million) have comfortably outpaced the French giants €560-million gross spending over the last three years. 

Meanwhile, on the net spending aspect of the tweet, PSG’s €242-million is around half of what Manchester City (€460-million) and Manchester United (€432-million) have spent in the last three years. The tale of the thread is that the capital club is well run when it comes to the finances of world football. 

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