‘He Liked the Parc’ – Javier Pastore Comments on the Reaction Lionel Messi Had at His Presentation

The Lionel Messi saga is one that many will remember from the 2021 summer transfer window. The Argentine forward unexpectedly had to leave FC Barcelona and, a few days later, signed a two-year contract that has an option for a third with Paris Saint-Germain. 

Nearly two weeks ago, PSG presented Messi to their supporters at the Parce des Princes before their match against RC Strasbourg Alsace. The 34-year-old received a loud ovation when they announced his name, and he walked onto the pitch. 

One of the people that interacted on that day with Messi was former PSG midfielder, Javier Pastore. El Flaco spoke to Le Parisien, where he looked back on that day and shared what was said when he talked with Messi about his impression of the supporters. 

“He liked the Parc, he found it pretty … No, really, he’s very happy, and that’s the most important thing. Can’t wait to see him put on the PSG jersey? Like everyone!” Pastore said.  

“We want to see him with another jersey, our PSG jersey! It’s going to be fantastic. Everyone is waiting for this game. It’s going to be the most-watched game in football history, and I’m going to watch it, of course.”

Messi is set to make his debut this weekend on the road against Stade de Reims. Despite no one confirming the news, the tickets for that game are all sound out, and the secondary market is likely making a good amount of money from those who want to attend that fixture. 

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