Neymar Opens Up on Dream of Becoming a Professional Poker Player After Football Career

Every football player has several passions in their life that are more than just hobbies to them. For Neymar, playing poker is among his favorite activities.

Neymar’s love for poker has been one that has grown over the years. From playing the card game with teammates while at Barcelona to now becoming an ambassador with Pokerstars, poker remains one of his biggest interests outside of football.

Neymar is already pondering on what could come for him after his playing days, which could include becoming a professional poker player. The Paris Saint-Germain star shared this dream during his talk with CNEWS.

“It’s one of the things I love to do the most,” Neymar said. “I feel very comfortable and I think that after playing football, I will be able to do tournaments, travel to play tournaments that I have always wanted to participate in and could not do in because of my agenda and my career.

“So when I finish my football career, that’s one of the things I’m going to do.”

As mentioned, Neymar played poker alongside his now-former Barca teammates and has continued to play this game with his PSG counterparts.

“In Barcelona, ​​we have always played together, Pique and me,” Neymar said. “Here at PSG we also play very often. We played a lot when we were in Portugal together (Champions League knockout stage).

“Sometimes we meet at my house, or at (Keylor) Navas or at (Leandro) Paredes. It’s also a way to unite the group, to spend more time together. And also to play, to learn the game, to learn who is the one who lies the most. But when you play, it’s really cool.”

For now, Neymar is well focused on leading PSG to triumph in all competitions this season. But down the road, Neymar could very well take part in some of the most well-renowned poker tournaments.

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