‘The Spanish League Will Investigate’ – Javier Tebas Attacks the Court of Arbitration for Sport as La Liga President Reignites Feud With PSG

Perhaps the coronavirus pandemic had something to with this matter, but it’s been a while since La Liga President Javier Tebas criticized Paris Saint-Germain. However, the 58-year-old is back and ready to reignite his feud with the capital club and Manchester City FC. 

The Daily Mail reports that Tebas wants the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) investigated for how it has handled Financial Fair Play (FFP) appeals. Both City and PSG have won their appeals over FFP in the CAS, so the La Liga president perhaps suggests something shady going on since these clubs receive punishment but win their appeals with the CAS. 

“If my level of confidence is based on what has happened in recent years, then it’s low. But if it is based on the hope of [Aleksander] Ceferin enforcing economic control and ensuring that the rules are fulfilled, then it’s different,” Tebas said. “The FFP rules are not the best, but I would be satisfied with them just being met and there not being clubs evading them on all sides; that there isn’t a City or a PSG.”

“Here’s lots of messing about with CAS; things are going on when decisions are made that have to be investigated. And the Spanish league will investigate. UEFA made an effort. It goes to CAS, and then [nothing happens]. The clubs and institutions are doing their bit, and measures are taken but then in they come and lift the ban. CAS needs to be reviewed and investigated to see what they’re actually doing.”

Furthermore, Tebas states that he wants the rest of Europe to follow suit on having salary cap limits. The Spanish league at the moment is the only one doing so on this matter. Perhaps it’s another way to hit clubs like PSG and City in hopes it hurts their ability to spend. 

“We have to think about having salary limits across Europe. There needs to be a rethink,” Tebas said. “So, a few can go from seven Ferraris to nine, from eight Lamborghinis to 10? We need to think: seven is fine. Football needs to redistribute wealth; that’s the debate we could be having.”

With former FC Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu facing corruption charges, this feels like Tebas wants to draw attention away from this issue by once again being loud about PSG and City. 

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