Physiotherapist Reveals the Treatment Neymar Is Undergoing to Be Fit for Champions League Clash Against Barça

If Paris Saint-Germain supporters follow Neymar Jr. and Mauro Icardi on Instagram, they’ll notice the photos in which both players have oxygen masks in their noses. Both players are using hyperbaric chambers to heal themselves or recover better for those who don’t know. 

Various athletes like LeBron James have popularized this form of recovery, and now it seems some players on the capital club squad are using it. Rafael Martini, Neymar’s physiotherapist, spoke to Marca as he discusses the treatment that both players are undergoing in their homes.

“This allows athletes to breathe more oxygen than they would in normal atmospheric conditions,” said Martini. “The chamber delivers more oxygen to the blood and tissues through red blood cells and optimizes the recovery process. The more energy the body has, the better it works and recovers.”

The 29-year-old missed the first-leg against FC Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 at the Camp Nou. Now it seems as though Neymar is doing everything within his power to be fit for this week’s second leg at the Parc des Princes. 

Despite having a 4-1 lead on aggregate and possibly not needing Neymar for this fixture, it’s personal for Neymar as every player in his position would want to play their former club. 

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