Video: Mauro Icardi Discusses Returning From His Injury, Memorable Moments With PSG, and Funniest Player in the Clubhouse

Paris Saint-Germain striker Mauro Icardi participated in an “#AskIcardi” for the capital club’s social media accounts

One of the first questions that the 27-year-old answered is his dreams of when he was small and what he wanted to be when he grew up. 

“I think my dream was to become a football player. Since I was very young, I left home to follow a goal: to play football,” Icardi said. “I think today I was able to fulfill this dream, and I still have many other dreams to accomplish.”

The Argentina international has been with Les Parisiens for a year and a half since arriving from Inter Milan. As a result, Icardi touched on his favorite memory thus far with the French giants. 

“I have been in Paris for a year and a half now, and I think that every moment I have lived, every game, and every goal that I have scored are unforgettable moments and moments that we remember,” Icardi said. “I believe that being able to participate in the Champions League final is something that I will remember. Even if we haven’t won it, it is something unforgettable for each of the players.”

Icardi had a rough start to his 2020-21 season as he dealt with injuries. The striker discussed his return and how he dealt with his time away from the squad.  

“The injury was a difficult thing,” Icardi said. “Two and a half months have passed, it’s something challenging for a player, but I was able to come back in the best way with goals and helping the team. So today, I feel good, I am healed, and I am confident.”

Finally, the questions end on a lighter note as Icardi shared who the players are that make him laugh inside the PSG clubhouse. 

“There is a friendly group. This is a group in which everyone, beyond languages ​​and different cultures, is very close,” Icardi said. “It’s a group where we make a lot of jokes in the locker room, outside, when we get together, even on the pitch sometimes, and in the end, that’s what creates the bond we have, and it doesn’t. There isn’t one in particular. But the truth is, they’re all just as funny with each other.”

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