Video: ‘He Must Not Change’ – French Football Pundit Doesn’t Want Neymar to Reinvent Himself

Neymar Jr. is once again missing significant time and critical fixtures for Paris Saint-Germain. Despite the hard fouls from the opposition, the French football media blames the 29-year-old’s playing style. 

Furthermore, it brought the question of whether or not Neymar should change his approach. The Brazil international will continue to be playing in France and deal with Ligue 1 referees, considering he’s reportedly extending his contract with PSG. 

However, one media member doesn’t believe that Neymar should change his playing style despite the fouls that come with it. During a segment on Rothen Régale on RMC, Jérôme Rothen stated that although Neymar’s responsible for his injuries, he should continue to play his style. 

“Of course, he is responsible. There is no other responsible than him when you hurt yourself so much. He’s a provocative player, a hard-hitting player, a fantastic player, who does fantastic things with the ball.” Rothen said. 

“He must not change his style, reinvent himself. He is a world benchmark; from there, he must continue to do what he does. He needs that, and he feeds on that, rooming, provocation. In major Neymar matches, he takes blows, he accepts them; that’s why I don’t want him to change.”

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