Video: ‘We Are All Human Beings, and That Was Intolerable’ – Mbappé Comments on the Alledged Racist Remarks by the Fourth Official

Throughout the 2020-21 UEFA Champions League group stage, Kylian Mbappé had failed to register a goal in the first five fixtures. 

However, the 21-year-old finally picked up his first and second goal in Paris Saint-Germain’s 5-1 victory over İstanbul Başakşehir to not only punch their ticket to the Round of 16 but when Group H too. 

After the match, Mbappé took to the microphone with Téléfoot to discuss the win, among other topics. 

“Proud of what you have done? Of course, because there are a lot of things that have been said, there are a lot of slogans and a lot of things, but in reality, there is nothing better than actions. Yesterday we were active,” Mbappé said. 

“We showed that we were tired that we no longer wanted to go through this. We are all human beings, and that was intolerable. Hope everyone saw it. It’s not just the players. Everyone is fed up. I really have to do something.”

Mbappé spoke about playing a match after the racial remarks that occurred the previous day. 

“Frankly, we were not disappointed not to play yesterday. We made the decision to go back to the locker room and not to play. We were proud because we no longer want to let this kind of thing pass. By dint of letting go we will let believe that it is normal and it is not at all normal,” Mbappé said.

“We’re really happy with what we’re doing. Today, we had to get our head back on football because we had come for that at the base. This is what we did and we did it very well. We’re happy with this weekend in the middle of the week.”

Finally, he touched on his PSG teammate, Marco Verratti. 

“Marco, the problem has never been when he’s on the pitch. It is always very important for us, indispensable,” Verratti said. “Sometimes he has problems, and it’s complicated. I think he’s going to handle that and he’s going to be very professional to help us all year round because we need him.”

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  1. Dear author, I am a Romanian and I have heard the record, the fourth official speaks with his colleague, in Romanian, asking him to come and discuss with Pierre Webo, that was agitted, perturbing the game. The central official asks ‘which one?’ and the fourth official answers ‘cel negru’ meaning ‘the black one’. ‘Negru’ in Romania is a colour, I understood that ‘negro’ (Spanish word, that Pierre Webo claims he heard) is an offensive word, however, the referee didn’t use it. They speak Romanian over the microphone.
    Also, the fourth official didn’t address the word to Pierre Webo, and hasn’t offended him in any way. ‘Cel Negru’ only had the meaning of ‘the man of colour’. I would have used the same and I am not a racist at all, I lived for 5 years in Africa, I have a wonderful group of friends there, all black and colored, which I cherish. There was only a language barrier which unfortunately will destroy the official’s career. If there were 5 people of color and one blond Norvegian on the bench, and the fourth referee would refer to him as ‘the blond one’, the situation was the same. But unfortunately we became too sensitive to everything, and these situations only splits our society away. You can’t name genders anymore, people don’t identify as male or female, you are not allowed to name someone ‘Asian’, ‘mulatto’ or ‘black’ because they get offended. Since when is the gender, origin or color of the skin a fault or an insult?
    Do you know that in Africa (Rwanda, Tanzania, South Africa), on the street, people call you ‘mzungu’ if you are white? Should we get offended? Shall we go scream at them? When did we all get so sensitive?
    Neymar tweets ‘Black live matters’ after the incident. Why did he use the word ‘Black’ (same as Romanian ‘negru’) if it is so offensive?
    What about fourth official’s live, does that matter? Because they probably ruined his now, when Webo claimed ‘he heard’ an offensive word..

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