Video: French Football Analyst Continues to Blame Neymar and His Playing Style for His Injury Woes

After Neymar Jr. picked up an ankle injury from a tackle by Olympique Lyonnais midfielder Thiago Mendes, RMC Sport analyst Daniel Riolo blamed the 28-year-old for his injuries during an episode of  After Foot RMC

Despite a few days passing by, Riolo is doubling down on his take. In an episode of After Foot RMC, he insists that Neymar needs to take responsibility for his playing style and adapt to Ligue 1 rather than the league adapting to him. 

“So what do we do? We force the referees to put red cards at the slightest contact? Do we give a yellow card beforehand to calm the defenders before the match even starts? Should we protect creators more? It’s already the case. And to say that we do it less in France than elsewhere is not true,” Riolo said. “What Neymar fans seem to want is for the rest of the world to adapt to him. Let us watch him shine, chamber, dribble. We want privilege, special protections, total freedom. He does what he wants, gives the ball when he wants.”

“Basically, what Neymar fans have been saying since Sunday (and I put some journalists and consultants in it) makes no sense when you want to sit down for two minutes to think. Besides, the truth is that very few consultants are on a different line from mine. Quite simply because there is none.”

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