Video: Despite the Win Over RB Leipzig, French Football Analyst Doesn’t Hold Back Criticism of PSG’s Performance

In Paris Saint-Germain’s 1-0 victory against RB Leipzig, the capital club managed to score the three points needed to maintain their prospects in the UEFA Champions League knockout stages as they jumped into second place in Group H. 

RMC Sport journalist, Daniel Riolo, spoke on After Footstating how he was very comfortable with the opposition’s composition. He considered the plan of PSG manager Thomas Tuchel was intelligent, to confront and minimize Leipzig’s plans and mentioned the apparent bad physical form of Les Parisiens during the match. 

“When I saw the lineup, I wondered why the one that was announced didn’t line up—namely 4-2-4. And in fact, when I watch the game, I understand it. To play like this, your forwards have to be in good shape. That they are able to squeeze and hold the ball,” Riolo said. “However, they are guys rinsed off! They can’t push, they can’t play high. So you end up with a team that plays low block. Instead, if the physical state of my players is this, if tactically I cannot offer something better than that, I play with two lines of 4 in the back and Neymar plus Mbappé in front. I don’t bother. I put on defensive midfielders.”

Riolo also talked about the actions of some players.

“There are several entries that have been interesting: Verratti to keep the ball. We know he can’t play for more than 5 minutes anyway. We’re talking high-level football with a series of matches. Obviously, he can’t take it anymore. Kean, his tackle was very good with his pressure quality. But if you want to play with Moise Kean, you have to go behind. If not, make the turnstile. The wind blows. It’s fine in the end, but you have to organize it throughout the game,” Riolo said.

“With the freshness of the players, there is nothing to offer. Tuchel is to blame. We’ve known that for a long time. But what are the players doing? Neymar, if he’s burned, why does he keep the ball so much? Give the ball away. Don’t leave it like a clown! Mbappé, he didn’t have a great time. We didn’t exploit his capabilities. Overall, collectively, it’s a complete nothing! There are attitudes that are regrettable, and Neymar is the leader of the regrettable.”

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