Video: ‘I Think Neymar Behaves a Certain Way on the Pitch and Certainly He Is Different in Life’ – Alvaro on Racial Incident in Le Classique

Back in September, the latest installment of Le Classique made headlines for the controversial incident between Olympique de Marseille Álvaro González and Paris Saint-Germain’s Neymar Jr., where the Brazil international accused the defender of a racist insult. 

A couple of months have passed since the incident occurred, and Álvaro sat down with Canal Football Club to explain what happened from his perspective. 

“I am the nicest person in the world. But hey, in football, I like adversity, competitiveness. I think that’s a good thing for a person of character like me. And it also allows me to play better. It was especially difficult. We can say what we want about me, we can discuss, but I think that there are also things which must remain on the ground, especially concerning subjects so delicate today when we use the word racism or the word homophobia. I think these are very delicate subjects. I don’t want to talk about him anymore,” Álvaro said. 

“I think Neymar behaves a certain way on the pitch, and certainly he is different in life. Certainly, if he played video games or whatever with me, he would have a totally different opinion from me. In the end, a PSG / OM that’s it. But all of this must remain on the field because I, what I did on the field, remained on the field, whether it was contacts, whether. In the end, these are fun derbies to play, and we must stop there.”

The capital club will head to Marseille in February, and we will see if this incident is water under the bridge. 

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