Former Brazilian Midfielder Believes that the Brazil National Team is Too Reliant on Neymar

The Brazilian national team has taken a turn for the better as of late. There are now plenty of world-class Brazilian talents across multiple European teams, while many current prospects have the potential to reach this level of play as well. The Brazilian national team certainly has a pool of players to choose from across all positions. However, one former Brazilian midfielder believes that the national team needs more in order to achieve its goals.

Djalminha recently spoke to the Brazilian-based outlet UOL about the current state of the Brazil national team. He believes that Neymar is the one standout talent on the team but the side needs more than just the Paris Saint-Germain superstar in order to truly play up to its potential.

“I think we should have more quality, unbalanced players, I would say, we have Neymar and when we don’t we have him, I see a very normal selection,” Djalminha said.

Djalminha looked back at some of the great Brazilian teams from the past decades and recognized that many of them had several standout talents. But today, he thinks that Neymar needs much help on the team.

“The teams that were world champions always had two or three players,” Djalminha said. “As much as they had a good defense, a tactical scheme and everything, but the 1970 team had a lot of players. Then, Romario and Bebeto, Rivaldo, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho Gaúcho, so the ones who won always had these guys who decide. Today we have one and I think little.

“It is not that it is a Neymardependence, it is that Neymar is far above others and he sees it sometimes, he tries to solve it himself, it is a natural thing. If the others assumed a little more ‘no, I’m going to try the play now alone, I’m going to do it’, it would be a division of tasks and responsibilities that does not happen, but not that they are poor quality players. I think Neymar is the only one who is above average.”

This is an interesting criticism of the Brazilian national team as the side did win the Copa America competition last year without Neymar. But as of late, Neymar has been by far the team’s top performer in official and friendly contests. So, this critique from Djalminha does have some merit to an extent.

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