‘That’s Why I Wanted To Put an End To It’ – Marseille Defender Opens up About the Allegations of Racism From Neymar

There is still talk of the match between Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique de Marseille. Several players were sent off after intense clashes along with the heated discussion between Neymar Jr. and Álvaro González. 

According to the Brazil international, his attack on the Spanish defender was because he suffered racist insults; The fight was so intense that social networks and the media continue to discuss the topic. Some have gone to hire lip-readers to see if any racist remarks were said.

Once all the events from this confrontation concluded, the Ligue de Football Professionnel has decided not to hand out suspensions, the organization announced on its official website.

González revealed everything he has experienced after the altercation with the 28-year-old to Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo and appeared to don the disguise of a victim, which might be to provoke Neymar and PSG.

“Relieved? Yes, really, more than anything because of the repercussions it all had, not because I had doubts about what was going to happen. When you’re accused of things like this, and more so by someone known as Neymar, you know the repercussions,” González said.

“That’s why I wanted to put an end to it. The problem is that it all took a very long time because here, in France, everything has to go through a Commission and it’s been three or four fairly long weeks. Why not have spoken earlier? If I’m hot on the pitch, in real life, thank goodness I listen more, try to get every opinion I can and we came to this decision for two reasons.”

“The situation was extreme after the accusations made against me and we thought that we could not compete with what Neymar was saying, because of the public aura of each. The second is that the club told me that they were going to accompany me until the end, that we were sure that it would go well, and that we would be victorious before the Commission. Talking would have resulted in a war between Neymar and me, it was better to stay focused on football while we were playing a lot.”

The Spain international emphasized what he suffered an ordeal, which included receiving threats, all kinds of insults, and more due to this accusation. 

“My phone number has leaked, I don’t know exactly how. The address of my house, the address of my parents’ work, the cars we travel within Marseille have been disclosed. A series of things that go beyond what football is,” González said. “When Neymar accuses you of something so serious, in a context where the subject is sensitive, using Twitter after losing the match. I did not enter into his war.”

“The most difficult thing was to wait for the decision of the Commission. There were a thousand cameras, one right on him, I was next door, there were the microphones, the referees. They took my defense. In the end, thank God, everything is clear now. Justice has passed. Was there an attempt at mediation? I was contacted but made it very clear that the only way to a deal was a public apology from Neymar. If there was no forgiveness in public, there was nothing more to say to each other.”

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