Navas on his Run With Real Madrid and Expectations for the Champions League This Season

Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper Keylor Navas has had quite a career in Europe so far. From his multitude of trophy wins with Real Madrid to his current successful run with PSG, Navas continues to establish his status as one of the best goalkeepers from this generation. More importantly for PSG, he still has more years left in the tank to provide quality seasons for the club.

Navas provided an interview with the Spanish-based publication El Pais, where he answered a number of questions, including on Real Madrid. The Spanish goalkeeper faced Real Madrid last season over the UEFA Champions League group stage. For many players going up against their former clubs, some see it as a revenge game where the aim is simply to prove to the club that it made a wrong transfer decision. But this was not the case for Navas. He reminisced on the fixture against Real Madrid and admiration for his run while with the club.

“I have never done things thinking ‘I’m going to shut up this …’,” Navas said. “No, I have done it because I like it, because I want to be a professional, because I know that this will bring joy to my family. There were many years defending those goals for Real Madrid and being there, I felt like it was part of my life and that, and I think it was a very nice game, and thank God things turned out very well for me. The affection of the fans, which they always gave me, is sincere, because the Madrid fans are very demanding and when they really support a footballer … the entire stadium, in general—, it is because it is sincere, because the footballer has won.”

Navas also touched on PSG’s recent UEFA Champions League final run. The club finally overcame doubts and criticisms by reaching the final, but for Navas, the job is not done yet.

“It was necessary to fight against many ghosts of the past, of moments, qualifying rounds where he had been lost, and I believe that today those barriers have already been broken and the players already know that we can go further,” Navas said. “I also believe that we are going to face this Champions League in a different way: everyone knows what it is to reach a final, and that I think helps a lot.”

For Navas, faith is an important aspect of his life. The Costa Rican goalkeeper is fortunate to have a Bible study session with his PSG teammates as well.

“Thank God in Paris we were able to open a group too: we have the study of the Bible here, and we are about 10 people, and it’s very good,” Navas said. “That helps us to always maintain that personal relationship with God, which is what is most important to me, and always trying to help others, so that they can have that relationship with Him.

“For me, being able to always be in communication with God is what gives me a lot of peace. Knowing what the Bible tells me is extremely important and I try to follow it. I know that I am human and I make many mistakes, but Jesus taught me that you have to be humble, regardless of the position you are in, that it does not mean anything.”

PSG is certainly grateful to have one of the top goalkeepers in world football today in Navas. He was among the finalists for the Champions League Goalkeeper of the Season award over the last campaign and is surely the top player in his position over in Ligue 1 play.

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