Neymar on PSG’s 50th Anniversary, Raí Being Her Mothers Favorite Player, Having Superstar Status, and Favorite Moments in Paris

Throughout this 2020-21 season, Paris Saint-Germain will come out with various ways to commemorate their 50th anniversary. Neymar Jr. is the latest to help in the celebrations after an interview This is Paris 20/21: Episode 3. The 28-year-old took some time to answer some questions about the 50 years of the capital club.

One of the first questions that the Brazil international answered is over the 50th anniversary of Les Parisiens.

“I think it’s gonna be a special year! If we achieve our dream of winning the Champions League for the club’s 50th anniversary, that would be something magnificent! But not only for me and my teammates, but for all the players who have been at this club and who have participated in its history!,” Neymar said.

“Each year is an opportunity to make history and achieve great things for the club. This year will be no exception. What motivates me is to make history, play great matches, win titles, and leave my name in the history books and archives of the club.”

Next, Neymar discussed the joy that football brings to him.

“I still have this love of football within me, this desire to be on the pitch. It is this passion that motivates me and pushes me to play football,” Neymar said. “I love football like when I was a child! Just wanting to play wherever and whenever. Having fun with a ball is all I love!”

Several players have come from the South American country and worn the Parisien colors, which is why Neymar discusses the approaches to football from the club and country perspective.

“The two look alike, but there are differences! Brazilians are used to playing football in the street, to get out of any situation, to play in special conditions. And in Paris we are on this path,” Neymar said.

“The club recruits players with this kind of profile, who practice a happy and flamboyant football on the pitch! After the big teams need tactical rigor on the ground, to be well in place to then allow the attackers to make the difference in front. It is this combination that characterizes great teams!”

We all know the connection that the PSG has with Brazil, and Neymar discussed some of the Brazilians to play in Paris, which includes his mother’s favorite player, Raí.

“Raí was my mother’s favorite player! She was a great supporter of Sao Paulo FC! She adored Raí the player, but she also found very beautiful,” Neymar said. “She was a very, very big fan! Ronaldinho? It was a source of joy and magic! With him, football was an art! He is one of the most technical players in history and will always be remembered as a magician!”

Nene? He’s one of my best friends in football, and he became one of my best friends thanks to football! We get along really well, and he’s a very good friend! And he’s still a great player who has marked the history of PSG,” Neymar said. “Alex? I saw him play a lot for Santos, then I didn’t have the chance to play with him, but I know his career! We have friends in common who only said good things to me. The tank!

Marquinhos? He’s another friend in football! He is a lovely person in life but in the field, he changes! He’s completely focused on what he’s doing, and is determined! He becomes a leader for us, I’m happy to have him by my side!

He then touches on being a star player on one of Europe’s biggest clubs, which, according to the 28-year-old, is both negative and positive.

“This statute is double-edged,” Neymar said. “There is a negative side, if your team loses, everyone will fall on you, but on the other hand, you can help your team because you have the qualities to make the difference. And I am happy to be at this level. I always hope to do my best and help my teammates win!”

Neymar is in his fourth year with PSG and opened up about his two favorite moments in Paris.

“I have two great memories. The first one when I signed and was introduced to the club, it was moving,” Neymar said. “The second was this victory against Dortmund, which was very important for us, even if the supporters were not in the stadium.”

Finally, Neymar talked about being a star player in Paris, hoping to help the club achieve new heights.

“I have always loved Paris! Already when I was playing in Barcelona, I used to come here when I had days off,” Neymar said. “I have always liked Paris, and I still love it a lot! Now I hope that we will be able to achieve our goals together and continue to write the history of the club!”

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