‘If Ney Brings the Champions League Back to Paris, He Can Overtake Raí’ – Nenê On the Best Brazilian to Play for PSG

Former Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Nenê spoke with Le Parisien to discuss his path to Les Parisiens

The 39-year-old also touched the best Brazilian to wear the Parisien colors and thoughts on Neymar, potentially winning the capital club’s first UEFA Champions League trophy. 

Nenê describes putting on the same kit that two of his idols, Raí and Ronaldinho, which was one of the motivations for joining PSG. 

Furthermore, the Brazil international states that it was his destiny to end up in Paris. With the love affair that the capital club has with Brazilian footballers, it’s not crazy to think that some will eventually end up playing with Les Parisiens

“My time at PSG? It really is the best time of my career. For a little less than three years, I have had incredible consistency. I finished the club’s top scorer twice, and the league’s top scorer with Giroux, when he was a striker, and I was a midfielder. I had a great time in Paris,” Nenê said. “There is no doubt that the PSG audience is the best in France. Put on the same jersey as Raï or Ronaldinho, my two idols. it marks you for life.”

“Beyond all other things, wearing this jersey was one of my motivations to join Paris. There were too many things stuck between us for me not to go. We had to meet. It was our destiny. My life wouldn’t have been the same if I hadn’t gone to PSG, I wouldn’t have been as complete as I am.” 

Then Nenê went on to give his thoughts on the best Brazilian to play for PSG, which he quickly stated that Raí is the greatest in his opinion. However, the 39-year-old said that if Neymar Jr. can win the Champions League, he will overtake Raí’s status as the best Brazilian to wear the Parisien colors.

“Raí is the first great Brazilian player in the history of the club, for the moment anyway. If Ney manages to win the Champions League, that can be a game-changer,” Nenê said. “With its technical quality, it can do it. He won everything with Paris. All he needs is that. It would be the first in the history of the club. If Ney brings the Champions League back to Paris, he can overtake Raí.”

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