Club Legend Pilorget on PSG’s Recent Champions League Eliminations and Neymar

Paris Saint-Germain club legend Jean-Marc Pilorget has been part of some of the biggest moments in the team’s history. From derby victories to trophy wins, Pilorget is renowned for his impact on the club. But now watching as a fan, the Frenchman has seen the team be on the wrong end of celebrations, such as with its recent shocking Champions League eliminations. Each one is filled with its own fair share of what-ifs.

In an interview with Le Parisien, Pilorget touched on a number of topics from his time with the club but also spoke about the current side as well. He went all-in on providing his thoughts about some of the team’s most controversial Champions League eliminations from recent years.

“The last two eliminations (note: speaking about against Barca in 2017 and Man United in 2019) were scandalous and intolerable,” Pilorget said. “The criticism is 100 times deserved. I’ve never played matches at that level, but I’ve played others and we’ve always behaved professionally. In Barcelona, from the very first minute, I felt that too much was missing. Maybe in this day and age, we could be more intimidating on the pitch and there weren’t as many cameras, slow-motion replays.”

He was also asked if he would have liked to play alongside the likes of Neymar and Kylian Mbappe.

“Yes, because I would have made a lot more money,” Pilorget said.

Pilorget also touched on the team’s reputation over the years. He recalled how many viewed the club during his playing days and compared it to how the team is generally seen today.

“People said we thought we were other people, we were a club that was coming along, and that created tension and a lot of mockery,” Pilorget said. “You could already feel the rivalry between Paris and the province. Maybe it was fear, because there were committed and motivated people at the head of this club. 40 years later, I realize that the PSG is still mocked but for different reasons.”

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