Bachmann on Joining PSG Féminine, Overtaking Lyon, and the Differences Between English and French Football

Ramona Bachmann is one of the new faces on the Paris Saint-Germain Féminine squad having joined the club earlier this month. The 29-year-old recently spoke with RMC Sport to discuss her decision to leave Chelsea FC, why she came to Paris, and more.

The first question out of the gate towards Bachmann was simple: Why did she choose PSG and what about the Parisian project attracted her?

“PSG is a great club, very important in France and well known throughout the world. When a challenge of this type presents itself to you, it cannot be refused. From the first contacts in June, I was immediately interested,” Bachmann said. “In recent seasons, PSG has not won many trophies. I am hungry for trophies. I want to help the club win them again, contribute to the club’s success. There are very good players in Paris, and I hope to help the team thanks to my qualities.”

RMC Sport asked why the Switerzland international decided to leave Chelsea and change countries while in the middle of a pandemic.

“The English championship is very good. Chelsea is a very good club. But Chelsea’s style of play was not necessarily in keeping with my qualities as a player. I played in several positions on the field,” Bachmann said. “I needed a change, a new challenge because I was not very happy, and I need to be happy when I play football. And I was not afraid to come in relation to the pandemic. I know that the club does everything to keep us safe.”

Bachmann then went on to discuss the presentation that PSG made to convince her to head to Paris. Furthermore, she explained the role that the capital club’s sporting director played.

“Of course, I had a conversation with Leonardo. It was a very positive exchange. He clearly wants to develop the women’s football project in Paris,” Bachmann said. “PSG is a club which wants to continue its progression and win titles. Everything is very professional and structured here. Again, I say, the idea is to win titles.”

One of the reasons that Bachmann decided to join PSG Féminine is because of the ambition the club has to win everything. She wants to win everything, whether it’s the UEFA Women’s Champions League or winning Division 1 Féminine. The 29-year-old also adds that she wants to help dethrone Olympique Lyonnais.

“I would like to win everything! When you play at Paris Saint-Germain, the goal is to win. My priority is to play football, and do my best to help the club win titles, work hard. Of course, this summer, it is doable to win the Champions League, I am very positive,” Bachmann said. “We obviously have a lot of respect for the other teams, but we have the qualities to win. It will not be easy, for sure, but it is achievable. And for the championship, dethroning Lyon is possible, I also believe in it, otherwise, I would not be Parisian today.”

Bachmann then discusses her preferred position on the pitch.

“I will play where the coach asks me to. My preferred position remains 10,” Bachmann said. “This is where I feel best and where I can express myself the most.”

Finally, she gave her opinion on the level of women’s football in France and comparing the differences to the game in England.

“It is a very good championship. There are clubs that dominate like Paris Saint-Germain, Lyon, and Montpellier. It may not be as homogeneous as in England. But clubs are also progressing,” Bachmann said. “It’s an excellent championship. In England, every weekend you go to battle, the matches are very intense, physical, the teams are very organized.”

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